Our Sanctuary Organ

The 12 rank 1925 Estey Organ (opus 2380)



The pipe organ in the United Methodist Church at Bastrop was presented to the Church by Mr. W. A. McCord when the present church building was built in 1925.  Mr. McCord and his wife, Sallie E., and her parents, W. G. and A. E. Powell, were great benefactors to the church, both materially and spiritually. When Mr. McCord presented the organ, he did so in the name of his wife, who died in 1922.  The silver plaque on the organ reads:


July 15, 1925

This organ was presented to


by W. A. McCord

As a memorial to his beloved wife

Sallie Eva Powell McCord

who was leader of the choir from 1880 to 1922

A voice so used to the Glory of God must still be singing

with the Heavenly Choir ‘Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty,

Heaven and Earth Are Praising Thee’

     The organ was built by the Estey Organ Company of Brattleboro, Vermont, a firm that had been building parlor organs (reed or harmoniums) since about 1870.  THe firm employed old Vermont craftsmen and used wonderful woods out of the virgin forest.  We are not sure of the kind of wood used in our organ (probably birch or ash).  They switched to the making of pipe organs some time after 1910.

     There are twelve ranks of pipes in our organ totaling 787 pipes in all, and there have been no tonal changes made to the organ. The nine gold-painted pipes on each side of the front of the organ are “dummies” for symmetrical beauty.  However,  of the twenty-one pipes in the center, seven are active.

     The price of the organ at the time of purchase was purported to have been $5,000.  The replacement value at this time is estimated to be $72,000.

(note) The technical facts and history of the Estey Organ Company were furnished by Mr.  Otto Hoffmann, prominent organ builder of Austin, Texas.


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