When We Meet:


Sunday School- 11 a.m.-The Lodge

Youth Group - 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. - The Lodge (Sundays, with a meal provided)

Game Night - 6 p.m. -8 p.m. -The Lodge (Wednesdays, with a meal provided)



Sunday 1/20, the Youth and the Missions Director worked together along with Primera Baptist Church to build a new set of stairs for a family in need. Primera Baptist provided the materials and our youth provided the labor. This project was a success, and a big help for the family as they were climbing in and out of their trailer with nothing but a pallet to stand on...which meant the grandmother was falling quite often. 


See pictures below of this wonderful effort. This Sunday was Human Relations Sunday. Primera Baptist Church and our youth were a perfect example of loving your neighbor.


On Sunday, October 7th, our youth decided to cultivate some culture and educate their minds with a trip to Austin, TX. We visited the Bullock Texas State History Museum, as well as The Harry Ransom Center, and The Blanton. Some of our favorite exhibits included one on the history of the rodeo at the Bullock, as well as some contemporary Native American artwork. At the Ransom we were able to see the Gutenberg Bible, and at the Blanton we truly enjoyed a religious-themed piece by a Southern American artist entitled "How to Build Cathedrals." Some of the Cedar Creek methodist youth went with us and we truly enjoyed getting to know them as well. As a group we simply want to say thank you to our wonderful church who supports us being able to do this kind of thing. Also - a big thank you to the Moore's for coming along and being extra help!

All About Summer Camp 2018

Youth Mission Trip Testimonies 7/29/18

 This morning, I had the pleasure of attending the 9:45 service at First United Methodist Church in Bastrop, Texas. The youth and their leaders, Joseph and Sandy Leggett, were facilitating the praise music and offering their testimonies about their summer camp experience. Before the service started Joseph said that ear plugs were available on the table in the back of the room. He said it was perfectly ok if anyone needed to use them. I thought this was funny and found I didn’t need ear plugs. The music was great.

The opening song was “His Banner”. Youth played the drums, trombone, and led the singing. Joseph Leggett played guitar and Brandon Dyal was on keyboard. It was such a joy to see young people that worked together for a positive outcome.

The youth went to Camp Eagle in the Texas Hill Country this summer. This camp was located in a very rocky, dry and hot terrain. Camp Eagle’s stated mission is “To inspire Christ-like change through outdoor adventure, authentic relationships, and Biblical truth”. Youth put away their technology, as service was limited, and really listened to each other and supported one another as evidenced by the testimonies that follow.

Trey, a graduating senior, said the youth group came together as a family. They talked, laughed and during really scary situations lifted each other up spiritually. They repelled a 180-foot cliff face which was difficult for some of the youth; because they feared heights. Corbin helped keep spirits high in these moments of terror and was great about reassuring his friends.

Kyle learned more about himself during this trip. He came to understand that the Lord loves him no matter what; in good and bad times.

Corbin was Mr. Congeniality. The church sponsored him so he could go on the trip. He thanked the church members for their support and said he gained a new-found confidence on this trip.

Rafael was also grateful for the church’s support. He said even when he was scared; God was always with him.

Ben said he felt God’s presence the most when they sat around the camp fire singing praises to God and his glory.

Winter enjoyed the night time zip lining. This was done in the middle of the night and he said it was beautiful seeing the moon and stars reflected on the water.

Elaine said the youth group is family. She was able to get her questions answered while having fun.

Skyler didn’t get to go on the trip. She is a Senior going to college. She reminded everyone that God is not just a Sunday thing but a 24/7 thing. She will carry her love of God and his light into her college experience.

The youth thanked their leaders for their support and love. The youth were gracious and thanked the congregation for supporting them financially, for buying and supplying items for their garage sale, and for keeping them in their prayers. 

After the youth finished their testimonies, the leaders spoke. There were four chaperones on this trip; Brandon, Danielle, Joseph and Sandy.

Brandon said he was able to get away from life and focus on God and read scriptures. He felt close to God out in this natural setting. Time was spent each day reading scripture.

Sandy said the leaders asked a lot of the youth. The youth always came through for them. She assured the graduating seniors that Joseph and she would always be available for them anytime they needed them.

Finally, Joseph’s testimony was a metaphor of what took place for everyone during this trip. He said he was the leader. He always led the way and set the example. However, this time things were a bit different. He is claustrophobic. They were climbing down into the opening of a small cave. He started to lead everyone down into the cave; but, he couldn’t climb down; he had to back out of the cave entrance. It was not happening. The youth encouraged him and he leaned on them for strength and finally made it down into the cave. Joseph told the youth, “I’m not perfect, but, I’m perfected by you guys”. Isn’t this the truth that we can all live by; “We are not perfect, but in the Lord, we are perfected”. Matthew 5:48 Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect. This was a wonderful service to attend and witness God at work in the lives of our youth and their leaders.


FUMC Youth Enjoying the sunshine. Sundays at 4!

We worship God in a unique way- in our own way.

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